Monet, Bamboo and S.O.S.

On May 4th Jason Monet celebrated his 70th birthday kicking off a week long party and retrospective exhibition of his work. The opening night was an extravaganza of traditional Balinese music followed by rock and roll.

Other reasons for the shindig were raising money for the Sumatran Orangutan Society and a house warming for his recently completed 2 bamboo house complex. Jason has worked tirelessly promoting the plight of the orangutan. Part of his mission to save them is promoting bamboo as an alternative resource for wood. If more people used bamboo, which is complete renewable, the habitat of creatures like the Sumatran Orangutan would be saved. This is more than lip service as his beautiful bamboo palaces clearly state. Everything is made of bamboo.

Thanks to Jason and S.O.S. for a wonderful time.

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