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For six decades Jason Monet has been crafting his vibrant and honest view of the world onto canvas. Since studying art in England, Jason has painted while living all over the world including Malta and Australia.

Jason with Amed

For the past 20 years he has lived on the Island of Bali, Indonesia where he lives as strongly as he paints.

Upon first glance one may draw comparisons to the great impressionist and post-impressionist painters or the expressionist movement. Soon after that first glance it becomes very apparent that Jason Monet has an individualistic style that is clearly his own.

He never paints from portraits or finishes paintings in the studio. Everything is strictly en plein air and alla prima.

While painting, Jason is a swift whirlwind of personalities and paint as he races time to capture the light and the moment. His portraits are full of structure and mood highlighted with an array of colors and energy.

From the distance his paintings have tremendous life movement. It is as if one is staring at a brief video loop of a moment, where most paintings are a snapshot from the artist eye/mind. Up close to a Jason Monet painting the sourse of this movement and energy is found. He paints with pure confidence in thick bold strokes that nearly blur together, just like a 3-D photo held to closely to the face.

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