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An Evening of Art III

Come join us for a private art show of mixed artists from around the planet. “An Evening of Art III” will include gypsy jazz alla Django Rienhardt with fine selections of wine and cheese paired with an eclectic potpourie of art styles and mediums for your viewing. Paintings from Neal Adams, Wolfgang Widmoser, Jason Monet, Jesse Miller, Elan Vital, Pranoto, Kerry Pendergrast, Bambang Wiwoho, Steve Ladin, and Chong Amo.

  • Please RSVP before event.
  • 626.376.5646
  • * Private screenings available upon request. *

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    In Memory of Jason Monet

    Jason Monet at his 70th birthday party
    Recently, Jason Monet passed away from complications due to cancer. He spent his last months in Australia with his family while receiving medical attention. He is survived by his four daughters, two sons and three grandchildren.
    For over twenty years Jason Monet lived larger than life in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia where he was captivated by the lighting of the tropics. He leaves behind quite a legacy in Ubud for his masterful painting, singular sculptures and beautiful bamboo houses that were a powerful testament to the need for conservation. Just last May he threw a wonderful 70th birthday bash that will be talked about for years to come. All of Ubud, Bali, and Indonesia will greatly miss his charming character.
    Thank you Mr. Jason Monet for all your contributions.

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    An Evening of Art II

    Thank you so much to all of you that participated in making “An evening of art II” a complete success. It was a pleasure seeing all of your faces. To those of you that couldn’t make it I hope to see you next year.

    It was wonderfully encouraging to hear all of the positive feedback and comments on the paintings. I look forward to continually making this an increasingly better event.

    Once again, Thank You for your patronage.
    John Lewis

    Say Cheese!

    The Entryway

    New Jesse Miller

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    Private Art Showing with JL Galleries !

    Come join us for a private art show of mixed artists from both sides of the planet. “An Evening of Art II” will include fine selections of wine and cheese paired with an eclectic potpourie of art styles and mediums for your viewing. Paintings from Neal Adams, Jason Monet, Jesse Miller, Elan Vital, Pranoto, Kerry Pendergrast, Bambang Wiwoho, Alex Spencer, Steve Ladin, Spauldero and the first work ever in the west of Chong Amo.

  • Please RSVP before event.
  • 949.701.6975
  • * Private screenings available upon request. *

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    Jesse Miller’s Sawdust Art Festival

    This summer Jesse Miller participated in the Laguna Beach Sawdust Art Festival for his first time. He was in a corner booth and built a wonderful display booth. The Festival awarded him with the Favorite New Artist Award along with Best Two and Three Dimensional Mixed Media Award for 2008.
    Not only were awards bestowed upon Jesse, there were also sales of classic pieces like the ‘Gate-A-Way’. Miller’s wooden postcards were also a hit. Further, the festival sold more 2008 Sawdust Art Festival T-shirts than usual due to the great T-shirt design made by none other than Jesse Miller !

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    Monet, Bamboo and S.O.S.

    On May 4th Jason Monet celebrated his 70th birthday kicking off a week long party and retrospective exhibition of his work. The opening night was an extravaganza of traditional Balinese music followed by rock and roll.

    Other reasons for the shindig were raising money for the Sumatran Orangutan Society and a house warming for his recently completed 2 bamboo house complex. Jason has worked tirelessly promoting the plight of the orangutan. Part of his mission to save them is promoting bamboo as an alternative resource for wood. If more people used bamboo, which is complete renewable, the habitat of creatures like the Sumatran Orangutan would be saved. This is more than lip service as his beautiful bamboo palaces clearly state. Everything is made of bamboo.

    Thanks to Jason and S.O.S. for a wonderful time.

    July 19th, 2008

    Art Auction

    Recently at a charity event for Mercy High School in Northern California, JL Galleries and Jane Flynn donated a Neal Adams painting. This small painting of a flower raised over $850- for the school. JL Galleries would like to thank the buyer and Jane Flynn for their participation in helping the students of Mercy High. It is a pleasure to help out while spreading good art around the world.

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    Red Boat

    red boat
    Jason Monet ‘Sunset’ ’05
    Oil on Canvas 19 * 27 inches

    What wonderful color through out the water and sky. This boat just makes me smile. These colors are so tropical and the lighting is perfect on this painting.

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    Neal Adams

    JL Galleries is excited to offer the art of Neal Adams. Originally from England, Neal is living in Bali, Indonesia with his wife and young son.

    Private collection The First Lady of Indonesia

    His subject matter is often the beauty and importance of nature and our connections to these natural miracles. Recently, Neal Adams has developed a new technique using gold and silver leaf that is both avant-garde and commercially desirable. This idea of painting with actual gold and silver is not new. It was made most famous by Gustav Klimpt who used it in a decorative manner. Neal is pioneering the use of these mediums with paint as backlighting for the subject matter. His glimmering backgrounds are abstract masterpieces in their own right with reflective color transformations constantly evolving due to light and angle. This creates a great deal of life that moves through each of Neal’s pieces.

    Bird of Paradise


    Golden Tree

    Padang Bai Tree

    At the JL Galleries “An evening of art,” Neal Adams was the biggest seller and conversation piece. Appearently we didn’t unveil his work a minute to soon. He sold 10 of 11 paintings for a beautiful followup to his sold out show in Jakarta earlier this year. Neal Adams GallerySome of the other new artists making a commotion were Spauldero, Pranoto and Tantri featured below.
    New Hot Pieces from the Fall Show
    Not enough art from this trio. Everyone wanted to see more by these newly represented painters. We had only one testpiece by each of the three and could have sold each multiple times over. Spauldero’s Badut Pantai (oil on canvas), Pranoto’s ‘Girls’ (oil on canvas), and Tantrix’s beautiful abstraction of colors.

    Badut Pantai

    Girls – Pranoto


    More to come from all these artists and more as JL Galleries looks forward to 2008 after an exciting year of art!

    January 6th, 2008

    Art Exibition

    party invitation

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