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gold tree
Neal Adams has a powerful passion for nature that translates directly onto the canvas. He is absoultely enchanted by lighting and trees or the intertwining of abstract and figuritive work into one composition. Adams is known to use texture in his paintings as well, to ‘capture the bark’s essence.’
After being raised and studing art in England, Jason Monet traveled around the world painting and living. He specializes in Post-Impressionist, Expressionism that he paints in the, “Magnificant light of the tropics.”
gate a way
Unquestionably, one of the most important elements for any painter to have is creativity. Jesse Miller, is as creative as they come. His one of a kind exotic visions are unlike anything by anyone anywhere in any time.
Sudargono youngest son of painter Sudarso, like his father, is Indonesia’s cutting edge pioneer painter of his generation. Having already established himself as one of Indonesia’s fathers of abstract painting and painters, Gono continues to redefined himself ! But, it is his unprecedented use of textures and bold useage of color that sets him apart from all other painters.
Red Leaves
One of the most exciting things about Chong Amo as a painter is the rapid rate of growth in his compositions and creativity. He is constantly pushing into new tonalities. Be sure and check back regularly to witness his constant evolution and newest creations as he develops into one of the strongest young original Balinese painters.

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